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In the Media: Woolchemy - Ministry for Primary Industries

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Posted: 19 March 2021 - Ministry for Primary Industries

Woolchemy set to change the nappy industry one layer at a time.

A single baby can go through up to 6000 nappies by the time they’re potty trained.

That’s a lot of nappies going to the landfill, and it’s why we’re supporting Woolchemy in their mission to create a biodegradable alternative.

Their newly developed neweFlex uses strong wool, replacing the several layers of synthetic fibres in traditional nappies.

Not only is wool renewable and biodegradable, but it also has thermal regulation properties, helping babies control their temperature and neutralising odour without adding chemicals.

“The timing is perfect,” says Woolchemy co-founder and chief executive Derelee Potroz-Smith.

“Healthcare brands of hygiene products like nappies and wipes are desperately searching for sustainable materials to satisfy a consumer need for natural and safe products.

“They really see the unique benefits wool has to offer. And given we have a lot of strong wool here in New Zealand, we’re not going to run out in a hurry.”

We’re supporting Woolchemy with $80,000 through our Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund.

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